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Spend a day on the water

The Tigershark Mini Pontoon is perfect to take a cruise, do some serious Fishing or BOTH! Twice the fun and half the cost.

Finding the right boat for your boating application is the key to maximizing fun!

The Tigershark small pontoon  can be used for slow water strolls around ponds or small lakes, or on bigger water under little wind and water current conditions. If getting on the water and sitting in a comfortable boat seat on an elevated platform that moves along in virtual silence appeals to you, then look at the Tigershark mini pontoon. It is an easy in and out for all ages, and the stability of the pontoon configuration makes for a relaxing experience.

Fishing from a Tigershark small pontoon  offers more comfort and stability than a conventional mono-hull small boat. You can enter shallow waters with ease, and organize your equipment any number of ways on the Tigershark mini pontoon with it's 7' by 12' platform.  The included Bimini Top keeps the sun under control - a feature not usually found on the other small boat options.

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